INGA NIELSEN: “Twin Flames And Codependency” — Circle of the Dolphins

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Aug 052016

Twin Flames and other strong soul connections cannot come together in a codependent relationship. The love that these souls have for each other is simply far too pure, too bright and too divine to accept a pattern of codependency. However, the conditioning and life circumstances that many Twin Flames incarnated into make codependent relationships the only […]

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Connecting with your inner being

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Aug 262015

Connecting with your inner being

Working with your soul shouldn’t be that difficult and it really isn’t when you stop fretting and start living from the place of inner peace that is oneness with your soul. Yes that energetic realm that is expansive, abundant and infinite, when you allow it to happen, can easily be reached within seconds.
Living in the physical world we have grown accustomed to very physical indicators or confirmation of things based on human experiences – eg. having money to affirm our wealth or owning a house with two cars and a garden to affirm so called “happiness”. These are all very tangible things that can be gone within seconds. Oneness is yours for life in this lifetime.
We are used to having concrete things in front of our very own eyes that confirm things for us. But when it comes to working with your inner being, there is none of that. There are no goalposts as such and there is no confirmation that you are there yet other than just a state of being. If you are looking for goalposts or a visual confirmation that you are your inner being you may just be waiting a while.
On my own spiritual journey, I’ve always looked for signals that I am one with my soul and more times than my soul cares to even mention at this point, I have got there within moments only to have missed the boat and slipped back into human physical
mode again because the “conditioning” has had me believe I was waiting for some kind of “big bang” moment.
The focus was there but the wrong focus – rather than focusing on the inner peace of my inner being I was focusing on “the wham bam thank you maam” moment. But inner beings are way more subtle than that and if you pay attention to the subtle energy of your inner being, you will get there and in no time. A bit like meditating but without the wait – oneness can be as instant as you want it to be – all it takes is the focus on and the desire and intent to be in your inner peace at all times. It’s that complete state of inner peace amidst the chaotic physical world. When you know what it feels like to be in complete inner peace at all times, it makes it harder to slip out of it.
Once there you are able to intuitively live your life, but don’t be attempting to put up those goalposts or visuals because at that point, you are back in to drab old human mode. And for those with a twin soul who struggle to connect with their partner in crime on a spiritual level, don’t be attempting to stick a visual of him in your head either because you’ll quickly find out that that dude you thought was your twin soul ain’t your twin soul but some chaos-driven image of someone to keep you out of your oneness, for one, and to keep you from connecting to the other half of your soul. And besides that “image” or so called persona of your twin soul has nothing to say and, believe me, is just as mundane as some of the men you may have dated in the past 😉
Souls use all senses to help you in your awareness of their presence, after all your inner being is 100% energy. To have an awareness of your own inner being is to be aware of them on an energetic level. The same goes for your twin soul. To be aware of him on an energetic level it requires you to be aware of your own inner being, after all you both share the same soul. Focus on your own inner being and you finesse the focus on him and who he is, as there’s no difference between you both other than he’s the male half of your soul.
When you become aware of your inner being on an energetic level, there is no more guess work, you know what it is you need to do moment by moment, guided by your higher mind, and it quickly becomes second nature to be a spiritual being in a physical world as opposed to what you perceived yourself to be prior to living live with soul. It also allows for you to become acquainted with your inner being and what belongs to her, and from that point actually begin to develop your relationship with your true self – a relationship that is immune to any BS that the physical world throws at you, and one in which unconditional love, abundance, prosperity, healing and all the things you may strive for in the physical world is there for you in a heartbeat thanks to your inner being.
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