Feb 062016
Hold up before you pick up that cell phone

A twin soul relationship is a sacred one, which contrary to “belief” has very little to do with the physical. What I mean by that is that even though twin souls inhabit physical bodies, the relationship is one between the souls and that is the souls or inner beings guiding their physical bodies. It’s never […]

Feb 022016
Transformation: Imbolc 2016

Magickal Graphics Transformation in keeping with the Season Imbolc is a time of transformation, How would you like to transform your life? If you want to change something start with a manageable part of the change. Desire to change, move from a true desire to transform a situation in our life to taking action. What […]

Connecting with your inner being

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Aug 262015
Connecting with your inner being

Working with your soul shouldn’t be that difficult and it really isn’t when you stop fretting and start living from the place of inner peace that is oneness with your soul. Yes that energetic realm that is expansive, abundant and infinite, when you allow it to happen, can easily be reached within seconds. Living in […]

Feb 232015
How is your relationship with your true self?

Your Relationship with your true self is reflected in your twin soul relationship While working with twin souls and doing spiritual life coaching one theme has continuously presented it self. I find that people believe that they can create the life they desire without their true self participating. If you leave your true self out of […]

Yule 2014

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Dec 222014
Yule 2014

Yule 2014 Greetings and Blessing to all ~Magickal Graphics~“So the shortest day came, and the year died, And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world Came people singing, dancing, To drive the dark away. They lighted candles in the winter trees; They hung their homes with evergreen; They burned beseeching fires all night long […]

Commitment to your Path II

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Jun 232014
Commitment to your Path II

Your Commitment to your Path requires your mind, body, and soul to succeed   I spoke of commitment to your path in a previous post. I said speak your commitment, say it out loud. However I need to add more to that information. Feel your commitment. Feel the Commitment to your Path in your heart and […]

Litha Blessings 2014

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Jun 212014
Litha Blessings 2014

Magickal Graphics Litha/Summer Solstice On this day the Sun God is seen at his highest point in the sky, vibrant and strong. Together with the pregnant Mother Goddess he rules the summer season. However, this is also a time of transition, for now the Sun will begin its yearly descent and the days grow shorter […]

Happy New Year 2014

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Jan 012014
Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year,  wishing every one a blessed and Prosperous 2014 Magickal GraphicsThis New Year if you make no other Resolution think about resolving to be aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts create your world. Make sure that your New Years Resolution include paying attention to your thoughts about your self, your life, your abilities, […]

Peace and Harmony Yule 2013

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Dec 212013
Peace and  Harmony Yule 2013

Wishing you Peace and Harmony this winter solstice ~Magickal Graphics~ Yule is a time of traditions but it is also a time of personal renewal. It is a time to find your peace and your harmony. I know that the yule season for many is a time of rushing, parties, gatherings it is and should […]

Samhain 2013-Releasing the Old way of Thinking

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Oct 312013
Samhain 2013-Releasing the Old way of Thinking

~Magickal Graphics~ Samhain has many activities that you can do to enjoy the season. Look back over your year, honor your ancestors,get together with family and friends. But there is one activity that we can all practice on Samhain and that is releasing the old. The old thought process that holds you in old patterns […]

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