Commitment to your Path II

Your Commitment to your Path requires your mind, body, and soul to succeed

commitment to a path


I spoke of commitment to your path in a previous post. I said speak your commitment, say it out loud. However I need to add more to that information. Feel your commitment. Feel the Commitment to your Path in your heart and in your mind. Just saying it and even taking the steps is not enough. ¬†You need to feel it in your heart and think it in your daily actions. If you commit to a path but keep looking back at what you had, or what you did, you make it very difficult to move forward on the path you have committed to. It is like a person walking backwards, they are liable to stumble and fall many times because their head[mind] is not in what they are doing. Looking backwards means you can not see the way forward. If you can not see the way forward then you can not ¬†fully commit to the path you are on because you really can not see it unfolding in front of you, this causes doubt and fear to keep popping up. ¬†Your verbal commitment to your path should help solidify that path in your mind and keep you focused. However if you do the verbal and still look back at the past with longing then you are not fully committed to your path. If you are not fully committed to your path even a path with little to no bumps will be difficult. A spiritual journey without full commitment to the path that you are on will be more than difficult. ¬†It will be filled with doubts, fears, and desires to backtrack to safety, each of these things slow the progress for you. Slow progress make¬†you doubt yourself and what you have chosen to do. This is pain and anguish that you can avoid by commitment to your path with your mind, soul and body all working together. ¬†Just as these need to be aligned for your life to be it’s most fulfilling they need to be aligned for you to progress on any path you have chosen.

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Litha Blessings 2014

Litha Comments & Graphics
Magickal Graphics

Litha/Summer Solstice
On this day the Sun God is seen at his highest point in the sky, vibrant and strong. Together with the pregnant Mother Goddess he rules the summer season. However, this is also a time of transition, for now the Sun will begin its yearly descent and the days grow shorter until the Winter solstice. The Druids viewed this day as the wedding of Heaven and Earth, Alban Heruin. The Moon of this month was known as ‚ÄúThe Honey Moon‚ÄĚ in testimonial to the honey mead that was drank at the wedding celebrations so common to this time of year. It is interesting to note that the old calendars had summer beginning on May 1st and ending on Lammas, August 1st.
The joyous rituals of Litha celebrate the verdant Earth in high summer, abundance, fertility, and all the riches of Nature in full bloom. This is a great time of strong magic and empowerment, traditionally the time for handfasting or weddings and for communication with the spirits of Nature.
Ancient lovers believed a kiss would literally unite their souls, because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breath.
–Eve Glicksman

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year,  wishing every one a blessed and Prosperous 2014

Miscellaneous New Year Comments
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This New Year if you make no other Resolution think about resolving to be aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts create your world. Make sure that your New Years Resolution include paying attention to your thoughts about your self, your life, your abilities, your thoughts should only be ones that you do not mind sharing your world with. If your have made resolutions in the past and have not kept them that is not the end of the world. However if you are planning to make resolutions this New Year of 2014, give them some thought as to how doable are they really. We all have big things we would like to accomplish and that is great, just like every journey begins with one step, accomplishing great things begin with one step. If your resolution is to lose weight, find love, resolve the issue that keep you and your twin flame apart, then start with one small step. First set a goal that you can accomplish in a short period of time. Lose 5 lbs in 2 months, find love; date those people that you feel a connection to, or you have things in common with, she or he may be very attractive but if you have nothing to talk about, no common ground to connect on. you are probably not going to fall in love with each other. Resolving issue that come between you and your twin flame this year, look for ways to communicate either physically or soul to soul, begin there, no recrimination, or harboring negative feelings about past issues make these your first steps, both of which is easily accomplished with a bit of positive thought and focus on your and his/her true self during meditation or quiet contemplation. Small step to being the New Year will lead to accomplishment that can Help you make your resolutions work and keep you positive as you achieve big thins in 2014.

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Peace and Harmony Yule 2013

Wishing you Peace and Harmony this winter solstice
Yule Comments & Graphics Peace and Harmony

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Yule is a time of traditions but it is also a time of personal renewal. It is a time to find your peace and your harmony. I know that the yule season for many is a time of rushing, parties, gatherings it is and should be a time of family and friends. But do not forget what makes you a welcome yule guest in the homes of friends and family. Bring something extra to the yule holiday season this year. Bring your inner peace and harmony. It is the best gift your can give your self and those around you. Take the time to renew your inner peace and harmony. This means taking a few moments for your self to find your true self and renew your relationship with your true self. This renewal brings its’ own sense of inner peace and harmony. No matter how busy your schedule this yule holiday take time for your self. The 1/2 hour that you devote to your self and renewing your connection and awareness to your higher self/true self will go a long ways in helping you keep your inner harmony and peace no matter what is occurring around you. ¬†If you are part of a twin flame union or part of a family remember that you can influence the energy around you. Would you prefer a harmonious, peaceful gathering, dinner or party, or one filled with stress and angst. This yule be the example of what this season is about. If you would like your family or your twin flame to be more relaxed and to take time and enjoy the season then set the example energetically and physically for them. ¬†Everyone will benefit from renewing their personal connection with their higher mind/true self. It will help give a better perspective of the yule season and give you time to give your self the best gift of all inner peace, harmony and the clarity of a solid relationship with your true self. I wish you all a blessed Yule with love, peace, harmony and joy the gift you give your self this season and into the new year.

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Samhain 2013-Releasing the Old way of Thinking

Samhain Comments & Graphics

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Samhain has many activities that you can do to enjoy the season. Look back over your year, honor your ancestors,get together with family and friends. But there is one activity that we can all practice on Samhain and that is releasing the old. The old thought process that holds you in old patterns and reactions. I bet you have changed a lot during the year you have grown spiritually and made huge strides in understanding your inner being. You have begun to accept that you are the key to your own happiness. You are understanding that the twin flame/twin soul relationship is about more than meeting someone and starting a physical relationship. You are making progress in bringing your true self forward and understanding how to communicate with your twin soul to keep the relationship moving in a positive direction. Bravo I am proud of you and the progress you are making. But wait the negative thoughts pop up and you do not instantly release them you allow them to lead you into a negative reaction or response. Well Samhain is a time for releasing the old so let see if there is a way to release old thought patterns or at least transform them to positive responses. When I was a little girl my mother use to say if you can not say something nice do not say anything at all. Well I have applied that in a way to thoughts. If you do not have a positive thought about the situation, person etc. then do not indulge in any thoughts on the matter at all.That will take a bit of practice but Samhain is as good a time as any to begin. Try this:”Every thought I am now thinking is a reminder to my conscious mind to transform negativity to positive which fills my mind with the wisdom and awareness that flows from my higher mind now”. This should help to train your mind to positive thoughts so that you begin seeing more positive results in your life. It is easy to undo personal hard work with just a few negative thoughts. Wishing you a blessed Samhain.

Lady Dyanna  a Spiritual Life Coach, Twin Flame/Twin Soul Relationship Counselor

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Emotional Healing and Protection Litha 2013

Litha a time for emotional healing and protection

As Litha/Summer Solstice approach I am reminded that it is a time that in the past was used to do healing, and protection for family and those things important to the well being of the family. As this Litha approach I would suggest that we look to emotional healing ¬†and protection on a personal level . Healing feelings and emotions is as important as healing the physical body. I have noticed that in twin flame relationships the emotions and feeling take quite a beating as the couple ¬†attempts to work out their relationship. That beating ¬†is not just from the misunderstanding and mis directions that the couple endure with each other it seems that family and friends are all to willing to contribute. ¬†This Litha celebrate the turning of the season with a bit of emotional healing and protection for your self. Start with the awareness that a twin soul relationship stem from one soul being divided into it’s male and female components and instead of working together energetically as is normal they must work through two individual physical forms. When those forms deny their oneness the emotional struggle begins. This Litha try to see the oneness in spite of everything. Try for a renewal of your relationship on the spiritual level where the souls are one and no harsh or hurtful things have been said or done. You may use meditation to reach that place, first invite your true self to join you and renew your aquaintance with her/him when you are satisfied with your communication with your true self ask if there is an irrepariable breach in the union between her/him and their other half. ¬†Invite the other half to join you in meditation, witness that union, that connection between the two halves of the soul. From that grasp what your physical union will look and feel like. Ask them both for help with the emotional healing that must take place within you. ¬†As you understand that on the spiritual level there is no seperation between the souls, it is only in the mind that they are seperated and in that the emotional upheaval take place, you will begin the your emotional healing. Now before you leave meditation ask for the key to protect that awareness. When dealing with your twin flame in the physical it is always acceptable to reach out to his/her true self and let them know that you remember there is no seperation. Remeber what we hold in our minds as true we create in our physical reality. So take this Litha, the longest day in the year and change your reality. The emotional healing reminds you that there is one soul two physical forms, the souls are never angry or unhappy with each other. That would be much like you being angry with half of your body. When you do something that cause you an issues you do not remain angry with yourself hopefully. You forgive your self and work with the issue. When you deal with your Twin flame it is much the same as working with your self.


Litha Comments & Graphics

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Beltane 2013

Beltane Comments & Graphics

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to all my readers.

“The New Year, like an Infant Heir to the whole world, was¬†waited for, with welcomes, presents, and rejoicings.”
-  Charles Dickens, The Chimes

What will you do with this New Year? Will you carry last years issues, concerns doubts and unhappiness forward with you? Will you give yourself and those you care about a new opportunity? That means you do not compare actions in the present with the past. You do not use the taint of events from the past to color the present. Give your self a chance to start fresh give the ones you love the same chance. In the spiritual world many changes occur long before they are viewed in the physical. Take time to ask your inner being if there is work in progress within you that need more nurturing. Is there work in progress in your significant other or TF that also needs more time and nurturing before the change can be seen in the physical. Take this time and look within. Remember when we plant a seed it takes a while for it to sprout and even longer for it to bear fruit. It is also true in spiritual work and no matter how impatient you are, like the seed it will mature and bear fruit only when it is the right time.  This New Year why not make a resolution to be patient with your self  to nurture your inner being and to bring him/her forward into the physical as often as you can. Remember that you are a spiritual being in a physical world. Take time to ask your inner being what that really mean for you and your significant other or TF and how does that change the way you handle life from moment to moment. Let this new year bring forth your spiritual self, explore how that aspect of you flourish and prosper.  Your New Years resolution to be a spiritual being in a physical world allows you to release past events and live in the moment. It is what makes being a spiritual being  in a physical world so special.

Miscellaneous New Year Comments

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Yule 2012

Yule Gifts for your self

This Yule give your self the gift of love, peace, harmony and increased happiness. Take some time for your self during this yule season and meditate on an abundance of love, peace, and harmony in your life. Being stressed is normal during the yule season but it does not have to be normal for you. Take time and remember that you are a soul with a body and as such you deserve peace, and harmony in your life. Insist in having a state of inner peace and harmony no matter how stressful the activity around you.  Take the time to mediate each day to focus on building on the core of inner peace and harmony with in you.  Create a phrase or a word that can return you to that sense of inner peace and harmony when things get hectic or you begin to feel that your inner peace is slipping away. What we feel within is what we send out into the energy around us. If you have cultivated a strong  reserve of inner peace and harmony  that is what will flow from you and that is what will flavor the energy around you. It may not make the Grinchs and Scrooges love you but it will insulate you from their negativity. If you are interacting with your tf or significant other while you prepare for your evening out do not just prepare your physical appearance, also prepare your inner appearance. Your sense of inner peace, harmony and love will make the energy between you enjoyable and filled with a sense of peace that can go a long ways to making for a pleasant evening or encounter even in a stressful setting.  Remember love, peace, harmony and increased happiness starts with you no one can give you these things. They can be shared but they must exist within you first.

Yule Comments & Graphics

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Commitment to your Path

Commitment to a idea or a choice may seem redundant. Obviously you must be committed to your soul path and to manifesting your twin soul relationship after all you have done affirmations and other spiritual work. You have even thought about it numerous time. Probably you have done several things on the physical to assure that things move forward. Have you verbalized that Commitment? Have you spoken that commitment out loud? If you have not then verbalize your commitment. Commitment to  your soul path and the desire for oneness verbalized, spoken out loud gives a solid feeling to the spiritual work that you have been doing. The same is true when you make a verbal commitment to manifesting your twin soul union into the physical.  It is adding to the reality of the spiritual work that you are doing. Do make the commitment to your soul union, make the commitment to having the life that your soul  has planned for you in this reality. Do not buy into the idea that you have come this far only to not be able to have the spiritual union manifest into the physical.  Your verbal commitment is also  helpful in solidifying in your own mind the desired out come for the work you have done.. Many of you do the work but still do not believe that what you are working for will happen. If you do not believe that it will happen then it is less likely to occur. The energy of your belief combined with the spiritual work and the verbal commitment to your belief give your desires energy to manifest. This is not meant to be announced to the world this is meant to work with your mind creating a reference point where mind, body and soul are working towards the same out come. if you do the work and still have doubts you are allowing your mind to hinder your ability to bring into the physical what you desire.

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